Weekday Lounge Exclusive | Art update

Weekday Lounge Exclusive | Art update

Exhibition of Seri-prints

Not everyone can afford a painting by MF Husain but that doesn’t mean you should be deprived of the pleasure hanging his work on your wall. It might not be the real thing but seri-prints have the added advantage of being both affordable and exclusive. The exhibition will showcase seri-prints by famous artists such as MF Husain, Jogen Chowdhury and KG Subramanyam.

Exhibition of Seri-prints at Studio Vasant, New Delhi till 10 April. Prices range from Jogen Chowdhury for Rs90,000, KG Subramanyam for Rs1,00,000 and MF Husain from Rs50,000 onwards.


An Enchanting Journey—Paresh Maity’s Kerala

This is a collection of works by Paresh Maity, all created during a trip to Kerala, in various mediums such as sketches, watercolours, oils and mixed media. Also available is a travelbook on his trip by Maity, published by ArtAlive. The artist was accompanied by photographer Nemai Ghosh. The exhibition has beeen billed as a tribute to Kerala.

An Enchanting Journey—Paresh Maity’s Kerala, is on at the Art Alive Gallery, New Delhi till 19 April. The book costs Rs4,000.

Baby-ji by A. Rajeswara Rao

A. Rajeswara Rao considers people to be his muse. He enjoys depicting their ability to indulge in their wants and needs as they constantly adapt to shifting societal norms. His love for people is apparent in Rao’s work as he takes simple events such as an engagement or a birthday party and paints them colourfully. His art--with its big broad smiling faces and a comic-book like imagery--seems derived from pop culture.

Baby-ji is on at Gallery Espace, New Delhi till 11 April. Prices range from Rs3.15 lakh to Rs5.35 lakh

Urban Biomorphic

Curated by Alka Pande, this exhibition will show the solo works of Sonia Mehra Chawla and Santhosh Lal Pallath. Chawla tries to explore the growth, maturity and decay that occurs in all complex structures like vegetables and animals. Pallath, on the other hand, holds a national diploma in painting and drawing from the Government College of Fine Arts, Thrissur, Kerala. He prefers to explore faith in human kind and modernity.

Urban Biomorphic is on at Gallerie Nvya, New Delhi till 15 April. Prices of the paintings start from Rs40,000.

Exhibition of porcelain works by Jacqueline Yu Fan Li and paper pulp works by Kirti Chandok

Jacqueline Yu Fan Li’s training in fine arts, comparative literature, ceramics and textiles, and her passion for poetry, music and architecture reflect in her creations. She works with limoges porcelain with added paper cellulose to produce sculptures. Kirti Chandok uses the medium of paper pulp to create works that reflect her sensibilities. She normally works with hand-crafted paper and prefers to explore solitary human figures in her creations.

Exhibition of porcelain works by Jacacqueline Yu Fan Li and paper pulp works by Kirti Chandok at Gallery Art & Soul, Mumbai till 8 April. Kiriti Chandok’s works sell for Rs60,000 to Rs2lakh. Jacqueline Yu Fan Li’s works sell for Rs50,000 to Rs3 lakh.

Memoria: The Primordial Dance by Vivek Anand

Vivek Anand’s painting were inspired by his introspection and need to understand the human psyche. He has tried to represent the various stages the mind goes through in clearing itself of chaos.

Memoria: The Primordial Dance by Vivek Anand is from 4-11 April at the Shri Ram Bhartiya Kala Kendra, New Delhi. The works are priced at Rs50,000 to Rs1 lakh.