A gentleman’s indulgences

This week: Super Angel Premium juicer

I am a royal bore. So firmly rigid about my routine and wants that that’s what most refer to me as, barring perhaps the Missus, reluctantly resigned to my obstinacy against the latest fad.

It isn’t that I’m plainly averse to anything new, but most of the fresh crop that seems have received a wide-armed welcome is simply lost on me. Friends I respect and admire have oftentimes urged me in the direction of astounding wonders—faux leather, cashew cheese, and almond milk, amongst countless others. I’m doing just fine with my default selection of Venezia leather, and Grana Padano. Milk, udder-derived or nut-based, doesn’t interest me. I’ve always preferred sipping on flavoured water.

Which is why I’m still a tad surprised about how swimmingly well I morphed into a “juicer". It happened on a work trip in California a few years ago. Perhaps on account of my resident business associates who seemed to be living on whatever flowed off the fresh press tap.

Though “monkey see, monkey do" has virtually no seat in my life, this was perhaps the only instance where, following a few memorable inaugural shots of a pure “Green Machine", so named since it is concocted from lush leafy goodness, I found myself gladly monkey do-ing with the troop, swinging from vine to vine with thorough primate abandon.

The affair with this “fad" escalated rather rapidly. Yet, one hasn’t qualified as a bona fide juicer connoisseur unless they’ve acquired the finest tools of the trade. If you’d like to ascend the ranks, I’d recommend the Super Angel Premium, referred to within the circles as the Rolls-Royce of juicers. It’s built entirely from surgical-grade stainless steel, powered by a 3HP motor that slow-grinds whatever you
hurl at it.

My juicing routine is a symmetrical synergy of art and science. My tall glass of energy has a unique colour for each day of the week: Mondays are burgundy (beetroots, red apples and ginger), Tuesdays, fern (spinach, kale, broccoli, wheatgrass), Wednesdays, byzantium (a berry bonanza), and so on.

With the season of Diwali that usually demands a whiff of the new, might I recommend that you do yourself a favour and join me at juice-junction.

Arvind Vijaymohan is CEO, Artery India.