Weekday Lounge Exclusive | Performance art

Weekday Lounge Exclusive | Performance art

Dance, video, poetry and paintings—these are only some of the tools used in performance art. An all-encompassing art form, performance art was born in the late 1970s in the US, and has just landed in India for a festival.

KHOJ, the Delhi-based artists collective, is curating a performance arts festival as part of its celebrations for completing 10 years. “Performance art is still a nascent art form. We wanted to create a platform for innovative work in this genre," says Pooja Sood, director, KHOJ International Artists’ Association.


This six-day performance arts festival will celebrate all forms of art that KHOJ has supported in the decade of its existence. It will also bring various experimental art forms into the Capital. Since its inception, KHOJ has hosted 1,997 artists from Iran, Egypt, Cuba, Argentina, Brazil, Lebanon, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Mainland China, Taiwan and several countries in Africa, in various workshops and residencies.

This festival will host about 26 artistes from all over the world, who will perform in venues across New Delhi. The range of subjects their performances deal with are equally diverse: violence, gender and sexuality are some of them. “When art is inspired by life, issues such as gender and violence is bound to come up, and performance arts is no exception; it is an extended form of the visual arts," says Sood.

The artistes will use the body as a canvas, and infuse their performances with elements of classical and contemporary dance and that of various audio-visual media.

At Alliance Francaise, Goethe Institut, Palette Art Gallery, Gallery Espace, Anant Art Gallery, and KHOJ Studios, New Delhi; till 30 March