Bushed: (top) An East African safari; accommodation at Masai Mara. Photographs by Saad bin Jung

“If you want to see elephants, for instance, there’s no point in going to the Masai Mara: We’d recommend Amboseli. Or, if you’re on a budget but want to witness the annual migration, we’ll take you to Kenya with its two-month window, rather than Tanzania, which can be more expensive."

Jung hopes the experience will make a conservationist of every traveller. “Africa is far poorer than India, it has conflict issues greater than what we face in our country. Yet they manage to deliver world-class experiences in world-renowned wilderness regions. We need to learn something from them," he says.

For the life-changing holiday experience, expect to spend anywhere between $500-1,200 (around Rs23,500-56,400) per day per person. For details, visit www.toafricawithsaad.com or call Jung on 09886100375.

Zipping down the Zanskar

Gorge-ous: The trip takes you through a spectacular gorge. Rudraneil Sengupta/Mint

Even if you are not into adventure, Ladakh is must-do during the summer. The Hemis festival, one of the biggest celebrations of Tibetan Buddhism, is on from 20-28 June in Leh, and the entire town will be in carnival mode. Masked dances, ancient morality plays, beautiful thangka paintings and Tibetan jewellery are just a few enticements. Just land up in Leh. For details, go to www.questrails.com

Rudraneil Sengupta

It’s party time!

Stretch it: Yoga is part of the package. Six Senses

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