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In 1992, at the age of 41, Brandon Bays was diagnosed with a football-sized malignant tumour in the stomach. She refused to undergo surgery. Bays, a mind-and-body practitioner living in California, US, decided to give her own stream of medicine a chance and, in six-and-a-half weeks, healed herself.

Be your true self: Brandon Bays. By Monica Tiwari/Mint

After spreading her message to the rest of the world, Bays has now come to India for a series of workshops. In Delhi, she spoke to us about medical science, spirituality and India. Edited excerpts:

What would you term your branch of healing?

I’m essentially a practitioner of mind-body healing, and what I’ve developed over the last 17 years could be termed emotional or cellular healing. Cellular healing is healing at the deepest level of your being. The Journey is an awakening; it’s about finding emotional and spiritual freedom. The idea is that for every emotion you have, there is corresponding biochemistry. The Journey is designed to get to the emotional root cause and cell memory, to release and clear the consciousness so that the body can heal.

Given the power of cellular healing, would you say it has achieved the kind of popularity in mainstream medical science it deserves?

In the last decade, there is an emerging recognition in mainstream medicine that our health is very much influenced by our emotions and thoughts and beliefs. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), US, has stated on their website that 85% of all illness is emotion-based. Integrative medicine, a field of medicine that believes in treating mind, body and spirit at the same time (of which endocrinologist Deepak Chopra is a practitioner), has also been getting increasingly popular.

Does one need to be spiritually elevated to undertake a Journey?

I wrote the first book for beginners. The work is very deep but done in an accessible language, and jargon-free. People have read it and said—I felt like you were talking about me. I don’t ask anyone to believe anything, it’s your own discovery. It’s designed to uncover your own truth.

You have talked about ‘Source’ as something particularly transformative. How did it transform you, and how will it transform lives?

The Journey cannot give you anything, it’s not a process of subtraction. Subtract the lies, negativity, the blocks, and what is exposed after all those layers is your own self, your soul. That soul is free, whole. To live your life as a true expression of this being is Source. To live from Source, this living expression of our soul, each moment is transformative. I’m a huge admirer of Gandhi, who said be the change you wish for the world. You have to clear out of your life whatever stops you from being your true self.

If it is about emotions only, why were you on a detox diet through your six-week, self-healing process?

I usually don’t ask people to go on special diets, and say they can use the Journey with whatever programme they are on. In my case, I did go on a diet with raw fruits and vegetables, freshly squeezed juices, herbs. I wasn’t having any dairy, cereal, sugar, salt. This is because we have a chemical body and it is scientifically proven that cancer cannot survive on alkaline blood. It’s also known that if you imbibe sugar, it’ll increase tumour growth. You’ve got to put your body on optimum healing level. If you’re clogged, you’ll take time to heal. You want everything you’ve got to clear it up.

The three-day Journey Intensive and Advanced Skills workshops will be held from 9am-9pm on 17-19 February in Delhi; 24-26 February in Bangalore; and 2-4 March in Mumbai. Cost, 23,000 per person. To book, visit One-day Journey seminars (Rs 5,000 per person) will be held in Pune, Goa, Hyderabad and Chennai. For details,

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