Are you a tennis enthusiast, stuck at work, with no access to a television set? Well, there’s no need to despair. You can catch all the Wimbledon action on the go; all you need is a GPRS-enabled smartphone. With developers pulling out all the plugs and bugs in developing mobile applications for various sports, Wimbledon has also got its due —there are now special apps dedicated to making sure you can make the most of this tournament from just about anywhere.


The official Wimbledon 2011 App

Features: It has standard features such as scores, schedules, draw charts, news, visitor’s guide and Twitter feed.

Platform: 3.9 MB on iOS 4.0 and above, so it

runs on all Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Pros: There’s the added attraction of Radio Wimbledon, and daily highlight videos with a playback option. It has a user-friendly, well-drawn interface.

Cons: The text size is too small and it misses the “live" part of the live scores.

Price: Free

Availability: iTunes Store


Play time: The official Wimbledon app has all the standard features.

Pocket Wimbledon by MobileNationHQ

Features:Check schedules of play and live scores, and locate the nearest local tennis club based on your current location. You need a QR (quick response) code reader to download it. The code reader can be downloaded at

Platform: iPhone and Android

Pros: It has special geo-tags that suggest local tennis clubs around you, which can help you plan your practice schedule.

Cons: It only includes local tennis clubs in the UK. So it is pretty useless outside the UK.

Price: Free

Availability: iTunes Store and Android Market


Wimbledon Grand Slam Tennis

Features: A simple, no-nonsense kind of app for scores, schedules, photos (a Flickr feed), player profiles, draw charts and a live social chatroom.

Platform: It is ultralight on your phone at 537.54 KB and works on Android OS.

Pros: It’s simple to navigate and has a live social chatroom.

Cons: It loads slowly and is unstable, with no real-time updates. Even though it’s lightweight, the handset freezes frequently.

Price: Free

Availability: Android Market


Tennis Live 2011

Features: It’s not just for Wimbledon, but for all ATP tennis events. It includes ATP rankings, tournaments, favourites, live coverage and news.

Platform: 0.4 MB, and it runs on iOS and Android.

Pros: It gives comprehensive results and rankings, displaying live scores, and has a bright and attractive user interface.

Cons: It lacks multimedia content, and doesn’t cover women’s tennis.

Price and availability:Rs 50.89 on the Android Market and $1.99 (around 90) at the iTune Store


Wimbledon Court Legends

Features: Hone your tennis skills by playing against legends in this gaming app. Play against all-time tennis legends, either in simple matches or in tournaments. It has a multiplayer option with different skill sets.

Platform: 8.7 MB, on the iOS, Android, Ovi Store, Linux, Windows, BlackBerry and other operating systems.

Pros: It has tablet support, which lets you play with other real players on your iPad or PlayBook.

Cons: It can be a little tricky to manoeuvre the players. Some users have complained of bugs in the menu.

Price: Free


Go Tennis

Features:  A learning app for tennis. It provides easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions with images, including different strokes on the court. You could either use it to learn a few serve and score techniques, or just brush up on the rules.

Platform: 0.12 MB, on the Android, iOS and other operating systems.

Pros: It is like a textbook for tennis, with everything rolled into one app, which is handy and easy to use.

Cons: It has poor graphics and images considering that it boasts modern pictures and step-by-step pictorial instructions. Viewing can be a problem on a small screen.

Price:Rs 75

Availability: Android Market, BlackBerry App World, iTunes Store and Nokia Ovi Store

Mobile ESPN widget

Features: Get live scores, statistics, ball-by-ball updates, news, profiles and much more. In addition, there is a contest section to help you brush up your tennis knowledge.

Platform: Mobile widget

Pros: When not in use, you can turn it off, otherwise it will continue to update the information (it will remain connected to the Internet and can drain your battery). It won’t update if you log out of the Internet.

Cons: It can only be used on Nokia smartphones.

Price: No subscription fee, only data charges for Internet usage

Availability: Nokia Ovi Store 

Mobile Wimbledon website

Features: It is as good as the official iPhone app and has similar features, complete with a guide to the All England Club.

Platform: It is a wireless application protocol (WAP) site.

Pros: It works on all phones.

Cons: Other than mobile-optimized browsers such as the Opera Mini and Android browser, the site automatically opens not the light mobile version, but the regular, heavy version of the website. It takes way too long to load.

Price: No subscription fee, only data charges for Internet usage

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