Summer and monsoon are the seasons for gut issues and viral fevers. We list some over-the-counter supplies for your medicine cabinet that can come in handy for a range of health issues. However, make sure you consult your doctor before taking these.

Tablets such as Domstal, Avomine or Perinorm may be useful for nausea or vomiting. Avomine is useful for travel sickness if taken about half an hour before setting off. Some people, however, can be allergic to metoclopramide (Perinorm) and react badly. Check with your doctor about alternatives. 

Anti-allergy tablets such as Cetirizine or Allegra could be useful for a sudden outbreak of skin allergies or persistent sneezing. These can be used for bee or wasp stings too. 

Your medicine cabinet should also include a decongestant to add to hot water (menthol), a mild laxative (Cremaffin), glucose, Electral, and an antiseptic lotion or cream for minor cuts and bruises (Savlon, Dettol, T-bact ointment). For minor wounds, Betadine ointment or Soframycin cream will prevent and treat infection. Also include ointments for skin burns (a silver nitrate cream such as Silverex or Neosporin ointment are good options). 

Always check with your doctor when in doubt, or if a situation persists.  

TIP: Avoid self-medicating with drugs which contain ibuprofen as these could lead to stomach ulcers or kidney-related problems for some. Moreover, painkillers (analgesics) that belong to an opioid group may become addictive. 

—Manish Mohil, senior consultant, internal medicine, PSRI Hospital, Delhi; Manisha Arora, senior consultant, internal medicine, Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute, Delhi