Download central | No more lost files

Download central | No more lost files

Recuva is a free data recovery program that is ideal for such situations. The latest version was launched in October, and it is tiny and fast—at only 4 MB in size, it takes barely a minute to download and install. It works on all Windows computers, and can help restore files “permanently" deleted by Windows. It can also be used to scan your USB drives and memory cards, and can even detect deleted directory structure—so deleted files can be recovered in the proper folders.

The software is not perfect, errors can creep into the files. For example, program files may not work well. Text files, word documents, music and image files stand a better chance of being salvaged in working condition. This will only work if the data has not been overwritten, so the sooner you try to recover files, the more likely it will work.

There’s also a paid version that includes tech support and is available for $19.95 (around 985).

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