7 Gadgets for your desktop

7 Gadgets for your desktop

Apple Magic Mouse

Why you must have it: You can click (or double-click) anywhere on the top surface of the Magic Mouse. You can even scroll in any direction—up-down, left-right—and swipe through images as you do on the iPhone, right there on its smooth, seamless surface by merely skimming your fingertips on it. You don’t need to raise or move your wrist as you do for a trackpad. Bluetooth compatibility ensures that you don’t have to mess around with cables or dongles. A small, unobtrusive on-off slider on the base keeps the battery going for around four months.

Price: Rs3,700

Livescribe Pulse Digital Smartpen

Why you must have it: You can access audio by simply tapping parts of your notes. And everything is uploaded to your computer, where the Livescribe software archives and makes your notes searchable. You don’t even need an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software to convert handwritten notes. Available in capacities of 1GB, 2GB and 4GB, the pen is capable of 100-400 hours of recording. Unfortunately, it needs special paper and ink cartridges.

Price: $200 (around Rs9,400)

Zomm Wireless Leash

Why you must have it: This small wireless pocket—or rather poker-chip lookalike key ring-type—device sets off an alarm if you leave your phone unattended anywhere. The Zomm tethers wirelessly to your mobile phone via Bluetooth and starts buzzing, blinking or chiming the moment you move beyond a certain distance without carrying your handset. Not just that, it also warns you about incoming calls even if you’re not near your phone, provides speakerphone functionality, offers a panic button and calls emergency assistance from anywhere in the world at the press of a button. Launched at the Consumer Electronic Show 2010 in January, the Zomm will begin shipping in April and can be pre-odered from www.zomm.com

Price: To be announced

Logitech Wireless Desktop MK250

Why you must have it: The MK250 comes with up to six months of battery life for the mouse and 15 for the keyboard. In fact, the battery life indicator light of the combo is a surprising element and offers smart power management options. Both the flat keyboard and the well-contoured mouse add a great deal to your workday comfort. Thanks to its mini-USB receiver, you can simply plug in and start using the combo anywhere, anytime.

Price: Rs1,645

Belkin Laptop Cooling Hub

Why you must have it: Apart from looking neat, it is best for up to 17-inch laptops. The hub sports a flip-out stand at the back and slip-resistant rubber pads. The fan saves your laptop from heating up while you work. The four ports at the back actually add to the utility value of the pad wherein you can

connect USB-enabled devices such as an external hard drive or mouse. It runs on an external AC adapter or laptop battery power via an attached USB cable.

Price: Rs2,428

Holmes HL1261H Robot Desk Lamp

Why you must have it: The arms can be repositioned to suit your reach and convenience and the clips can be made to clutch anything from notes and nibs to other items of importance. And when you don’t want to put those claws to good use, you can always tuck the gangly limbs behind the robot’s back, on its hips, or into a “muscleman’s posture", maybe to have it serve as an interesting object or office amusement.

Price: $25 (www.amazon.com)


Why you must have it: The pen drive-sized, USB plug-in device requires an Internet connection and a regular telephone landline connection and is easy to install.

Price: It will cost you Rs3,999 for the MagicJack in the first year and Rs999 ($20) every subsequent year. This covers all your incoming and outgoing calls to these two countries. MagicJack is available in India through MagicVox (www.mymagivox.com).

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