Bhavin Turakhia, 39, is a serial entrepreneur and associated with tech start-ups like Flock (messaging and collaboration platform), Radix (domain portfolio registry) and Zeta (a fintech company). “I’m passionate about my work, and that inevitably means extended work hours among other things. This eventually has taken a toll on my health including my back, eyes, sleep patterns, etc. Moreover, these issues meant more time lost in recovery. It also meant less working hours. The obvious choice then was to take control of my physical health and stay fit," he says.

Fitness mantra

“It is simple. I eat healthy food and workout regularly. I believe you need to respect your body and care for it if you want your body to support you for long," says Turakhia.

Workout regime

His exercise regime at home is fixed. He spends 60-90 minutes at the gym everyday. “I do a mix of yoga, cycling and some strength training. Sometimes, if I have early morning work calls scheduled, I end up skipping my morning workout. On such days, I try and play squash in the evening for an hour with a friend or colleague. On weekends, I like to go on treks whenever possible. In addition, wearing a Fitbit also helps," he says. The Fitbit helps him keep track of his activity and acts as a motivator to do more. Besides squash, he loves playing table tennis too with friends and colleagues whenever he has free time .

Healthy eating

He follows a strict vegetarian diet and avoids alcohol. “I maintain a calorie count of my meals and consult with my nutritionist on a regular basis," says Turakhia, adding that he likes to kick-start the day with a glass of apple cider vinegar water with ginger. This, he says, makes his body alkaline.

His favourite food after workout is yoghurt with blueberries. “It is a good source of protein and nutrient rich snack," he says. For breakfast he sticks to oats and milk, and his favourite snacks include broccoli salad, cucumber-carrot salad and sweet corn salad.

Bhavin Turakhia.
Bhavin Turakhia.

Travelling fit

With his team spread across the globe, travel is inevitable and extensive. Turakhia works from India, the US, the UK and other European countries, and travels multiple times in a month. However, to avoid disrupting his daily routine too much, he tries to follow similar meal plans and work schedules across the time zones.

“I have exactly the same workstation and equipments across all my homes in these locations, and have gym enrolments in my frequently travelled cities to continue with my workout sessions," he says.

When he is travelling to a new city for work, he enjoys taking hiking trips. Recently, he did the Fira-Oia hike in Santorini and Mount Lycabettus walk in Athens, Greece. He also loves all adventure sports such as scuba diving, wake boarding, kayaking, canoeing, etc. These are the activities he usually targets during his vacations.

His fitness inspiration

“It would be anyone who takes care of their body and doesn’t often fall sick," says Turakhia. Fitness to him is the means to ensure that your body supports you throughout your life with a good balance of strength, stamina and agility. He believes that a fit person also thinks better because his or her mind will be clear.

Leaders and fitness

According to Turakhia, fitness is agnostic of one’s age, gender or the role they play in an organization. “No matter what we set out to achieve in life, it has to be supported by a healthy mind and body. We all know how the level of our productivity, energy and motivation drops during illness, and we don’t want that," he explains. Moreover, he believes that a leader has to lead by example and is responsible for many dreams. Therefore, a leader must be fit and cannot just let the ball drop.

Finding Fitness is a series that looks at how CEOs work at keeping themselves fit at home and when on the road.