Gaming company EA Sports has released a mobile app called FIFA 17 Companion for gamers planning on buying the latest FIFA 17 game, which was released in Canada on 27 September and will be available worldwide on 29 September on all major gaming platforms including Microsoft Xbox One, Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC. In India, you can buy all platform variants on, or download directly on a PlayStation console from the PlayStation store and on a Microsoft Xbox console from the Xbox Live store, for Rs3,999.

The Companion app is free to download and requires the user to log in with their EA Sports account. The app is not a game in itself, nor does it allow users to play matches from the console game on their smartphone. The app exists entirely because of the nature and various aspects of the recent games in the FIFA series. A modern FIFA game is no more about just taking charge of a club and taking part in popular leagues. It is a mixture of football management and football simulation.

It is also referred to as Ultimate Team series as it allows users to create their own teams from scratch, assign them a custom name, dress them up, and hire licensed players from any league or club on their team.

Maintaining player chemistry, managing formations, looking for new players in the transfer window are some of the activities that take up a lot of time. How you handle your team outside of the matches will determine your team’s performance during the matches.

It is this critical aspect of the game that keeps users on their toes and makes the Ultimate Team format so popular. A user can handle this side of the game with the Companion app, while the time spent on console or PC can be utilised for playing matches. Smartphone has become the go-to device for almost everything these days. People don’t have to get to their workstation or laptop for everything. With this Companion app, users can stay involved with their game and team on a regular basis.

FIFA 17 Companion is an online app and takes up 37MB after installation. If you are a football fan and plan to buy FIFA 17, this is an app that you must download.

In case you want to experience the football action on your smartphone too, you can download EA Sports’ FIFA Football mobile game. It is a stand-alone game for mobile devices and will be available as a free download with in-app purchases on both the App Store and Play Store from 29 September.