&#8220Make space for a planter Just below the window sill level for your creepers”

“Make space for a planter Just below the window sill level for your creepers”

Now that the monsoons have arrived, I want to grow a lush green creeper next to my kitchen window sill. What should I support the creepers on and what kind of plants should I buy? Can these be planted in a small flowerpot or will I have to create a flower bed at the window sill?

The best environment for creepers would be to grow them in the ground near the window and take them up to the sill or the top of a window. But if your flat is not on the ground floor then while you can still take the creepers up from ground level, be prepared to wait because it will take time for them to reach the desired height. The other option is to make space for a planter or a flower bed just below the sill. The support structure can be an interesting shape made from wrought iron, so that by the time the creepers cover it, the facade looks good.

Some creepers which flower well in a pot or small flower bed are: Clematis flammula, Clerodendrum thomsonae (Bleeding heart), Jacquemontia violacea, Lonicera Japonica, Stephanotis floribunda and Thunbergia alata. In case you are on the ground floor, then low-height creepers such as Campsis grandiflora and radicans (Trumpet climber), and Pondorea jasminodes will work well for you. If you are planting creepers in the ground and want them to reach high up, the best options would be Quisqualis indica, Passiflora caerulea and Pyrostegia venusta.

Be sure to take good care of your creepers. In fact, creepers do well in pots if you change the pots every year. Put organic fertilizers regularly. Pruning of old and dead branches and dry leaves is a regular exercise, as is dusting and misting (with water spray). This will keep the leaves bright as well as check and prevent insect attack.

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