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One workplace change I will make in 2019

Employee engagement, nurturing leaders from within, taking on mentorship and working on inclusion are some of the agendas that will keep leaders busy

Arrival of a new year brings hope and with that a list of resolutions—goals that people want to achieve. But for leaders, it cannot just be about personal growth. The workplace and the employees need to be mentored, inspired and encouraged to grow with the company. For 2019, we ask some of them about the workplace resolutions that they want to focus on.

Creating trust within the organization

A lot of the members in the team have joined between 24 and 36 months. To get alignments among members of the team, an element of trust needs to be built. And trust can be built usually through intimacy; it’s based on the environment and safe spaces you create. Even though you may have individual rock stars, an organization performs the best when the individual rock stars work with a team.

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You have great batsman or a bowler, but it doesn’t matter if everybody doesn’t come together and performs as a high functioning team. Only a really high performing team can go on to do great things and I want to work on that this year.

Ameera Shah, managing director, Metropolis Healthcare

Nurturing leaders internally

We are going to aggressively target internal growth of our own people. A lot of them who joined us at the early stages have taken the risk to associate with us (as a startup) and we would really like to focus on that growth of these people.

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Encouraging our teams to grow from within both at headquarters and café level is going to be a focus area. We are looking at doing a lot of work on training them to get future ready as we scale up.

Raghav Verma, co-founder, Chaayos

Creating more inclusive employment opportunities

I am going to focus on making my company more inclusive. I will also be spending time on my recently launched Keshav Suri Foundation and take it forward. I would like to have more LGBTQ representation not only across my company but also across other companies in India.

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Other than me just being the other “out" person on the board, I want a transgender person sitting in a managerial position, maybe a general manager or even have one on my board. These are some personal battles and goals that I have set out for myself.

Keshav Suri, executive director, The Lalit Suri Hospitality Group

Taking on more mentoring assignments

Over 75% of Vu’s workforce is below 35 years of age. When it comes to hiring and working with millennials, you cannot work with the traditional system of a job description and key responsibility areas. Nor does a hierarchal system, with many reporting managers, work with them. My resolution at the workplace for 2019 would be to be a mentor for team leaders and other stakeholders of the company.

I wish to involve team leaders and young minds in goal setting and planning, to achieve our business goals. I also want to facilitate moves across departments because some engineers enjoy a marketing role, and some sales persons actually find operations interesting. I want a company where people can move across departments and simultaneously grow in seniority.

Devita Saraf, founder & CEO, Vu Televisions

Building engagement and creating an open door environment

I have been trying to listen a lot to the things our employees are saying about working with us. From the feedback and complaints we have got, I realized that one department often does not realize how the other department works. There is a disconnect between them. We will ask our teams to conduct a reorientation among themselves—so that they know more about the workings of various departments and get a feel of leading a training session.

Also, a lot of our employees feel that the leadership team was not approachable. I’d personally like to be more approachable to any employee who wants to discuss issues or ideas or even just talk.

Aditi Balbir, founder & CEO, V Resorts

Keeping employees safe

For me, my foremost focus for the coming year is employee safety and well-being. But before we can implement anything at the organizational level, we need to create awareness about the requirement of it, and the reason why it should be implemented right now. This is applicable both to those taking the decision and to those who will get impacted by it.

-R S Jalan, managing director, GHCL

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