Residents of Mumbai marched on 30 November in honour of the victims of last week’s attacks. Ruth Fremson / The New York Times

Candlelight Vigil in Nepal

3 December, 2008


Late King Birendra’s Salik

Jawalakhel, Lalitpur, Nepal

Candlelight Vigil in Mumbai

Citizen’s Non-Cooperation Movement

3 December, 2008


Gateway of India, Mumbai, India

Candlelight Vigil in Kolkata

6 December, 2008

Victoria Memorial, Front Gate

Kolkata, India

Basic Military Training Should Be Mandatory For All Indians

Candles burn in memory of the victims of the terrorist attacks outside the historic Taj Hotel in Mumbai. Ruth Fremson / The New York Times

Why depend on the political leadership to provide protection? At least try to be prepared by getting trained. If you subscribe to this view join the group at

One Million Strong for Bombay—I Want My City Back—Enough is Enough

The group is trying to organize a protest march to Mantralya from the Gateway of India in the coming week. An update will be sent out, when the details are confirmed. Sign up at

The Avaaz Petition

The group wants to send out a message to extremists on all sides, and to citizens, one that they promise will be published in newspapers across India and Pakistan and delivered to political leaders within one week. To add your signature, log on to

Mumbai Terror Attacks: I Condemn It

On 10 December, at 1 pm dedicate your Facebook profile image to the Indian Flag. RSVP for the event at