New Year. New Ideas.

Things to do, experiments to dabble in and distractions to try over the next 11 months

Happy New Year to all Mint Indulge readers. Don’t you just love the feeling of getting a whole new year to do wonderful things in? Provided, of course, that you actually have ideas for lots of cool, new things to do.

No? Still spending yet another January trying to lose weight, quit smoking or refrain from Candy Crush? Then you are in luck because the issue you hold in your hands is packed with things to do, experiments to dabble in and distractions to try over the next 11 months. (Click here as soon as you finish reading this.)

But it is not just the cover package that offers avenues for discovery. Larry Olmsted has the lowdown on Jackson Hole, Wyoming, US, a great place to ski in summer or winter. Skiing might seem like an intimidating thing to try. But reliable sources inform me that it is easy to get the hang of, not exorbitantly expensive to try, and great fun even for beginners.

Earlier this month, I spent an hour at Geneva airport stuck behind several million skiers all going back home after a weekend on the white slopes around the second most populous city in Switzerland. It is not that I hate crowds, or expect to get airports all to myself. Not at all. It is just that skiers travel with the most cumbersome luggage in the world. Tumbling over skis, my suitcase flying through the air, is not my idea of quality air travel.

Talking of Geneva, I’ve just spent a week at the SIHH watch fair in that city (Ba dum dish.) Numerous watches of great quality were spotted, and it remains a great time to buy watches for women. But the entire industry looked a tad bit subdued. Click here to read my prima facie report on the prevailing mood and some key trends.

And finally I’d like to draw your attention to the columns in the back of the book. Shashank Khare writes about the Swiss currency imbroglio, Kushan Mitra drives some new cars and Joel Harrison writes about the legacy of Ryan Chetiyawardana. I am particularly pleased with a new series of columns that Nandita Iyer will write for us starting this month. In each edition, she will focus on a particular culinary ingredient. She starts with sesame.

We all hope you enjoy this issue.