Summers have hit India with their threat of heat and dust and somnolence. But for all the misery there is the divine fruit to soothe our taste buds and send us into raptures. We all love mangoes, sweet, juicy and luscious. For most of us a cold mango is the best antidote to a hot summer day.

Which is why on today’s show, we bring you some mango recipes, that are easy to make, fun to have and absolutely yummy!

First up we have Rashmi Kandhari from Delhi based patisserie Sinfully Yours, who tells us why she loves mangoes for her bakes and pies. Rashmi also shares her favourite mango recipes with us.

We also spoke to Shirani Mehta from Delhi-based Maisons De desserts, who tells us about her love for mangoes and one easy mango dish that you can make to beat the heat.

Just how delicious can it get! The possibilities with this tropical fruit are limitless.

So what’s your favourite mango recipe? Tell us at