Virus attack? Shield your PC for free

Virus attack? Shield your PC for free

Anti-virus has always been the bane of the PC user—constant updates, continuous surveillance for threats, and often intrusive, expensive programs that happily take over your PC in the name of security. If computers were nation states, the average Windows PC would be a dictatorship.

But for those looking for a hassle-free solution, look no further than these suites of anti-virus software being offered at a very competitive price: free.

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Free here, though, does not mean a compromise. Once downloaded and installed, these freebies can scan for threats, clean up viruses, malware (uninvited programs, usually from the Internet, that take root in your computer) and shield your computer just as well as any paid product can. Some of them, such as AVG, are tried and trusted names, and have honed their skills at virus-busting for years. Others, such as the open-source Clamwin or the cloud-based Panda, offer interesting alternatives to traditional scanning techniques. Avira and Avast are frequently updated and tweaked to deal with new threats. New entrant Microsoft has the promise of cutting-edge technology powering its own suite.

We compared the six anti-virus software suites across four categories: virus detection and removal, malware detection and removal, scan speed and the footprint it leaves on your system (this means the amount of system resources the software consumes).

Frugal PC users, rejoice.



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Illustration by Jayachandran / Mint