Lounge Review | Beer Cafe, Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

Lounge Review | Beer Cafe, Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

What is one of the most irritating things about a drinking gig? Not always that morning-after hangover but when you end up spending more than what you had budgeted for. Nothing brings down a “high" as much as a near-empty wallet or a maxed-out credit card. Now, you have the choice of avoiding this at the Beer Café while you enjoy 32 varieties of international and Indian beers.

The good stuff

If draught beer is not your style, choose beer bottles from any of these countries: Belgium (Chimay Blue, Red or Triple or Geist Whistling, Leffe Blonde), Germany (Schneider Weisse, Erdinger, Kaiserdom Dark), Ireland (Murphy’s Irish), The Netherlands (Amstel Light) and Japan (Sapporo, Asahi).

What makes Beer Café fun is not just the variety of beers, but also that your card can track the amount of beer you have consumed and rank it against that of other customers. All this information is displayed on the small screens the above beer towers and on a TV screen above the bar.

The small-eats section is just that: bite-size portions which make no pretence of being gourmet food. Potato wedges (Rs150), chicken sausage rolls (Rs250), mini hot dogs (Rs250), chilli-garlic cheese toast (Rs150) make for basic finger foods that you can eat as you guzzle beer.

The beer bar is a cheery, bright space—unlike a dimly-lit bar or a pub with loud pulsating music—where you can enjoy a quick drink with children in tow. (Four varieties of non-alcoholic beer, wine and soft drinks are served.) There is a popcorn-maker, should you feel like having some free popcorn with your beer.

The not-so-good

Beer Café is a small place that can seat about 40 people, with standing room for another 20. Four of the five beer towers have a table attached to them. If the tables is occupied, it is a tad difficult to refill your glass quickly on your own without disturbing those standing at the tables. The TV screens are not very large and with the World Cup round the corner, this could be a negative. Also, there are merits to being served at your table. The café says it’s willing to do that too but it has a small staff dedicated mostly to meeting food orders.

Talk plastic

Beer bottle prices start at Rs175 for 330ml, while finger food costs upward of Rs150, taxes extra.

Seema Chowdhry