You’ve got gifts

You’ve got gifts

1. Aliph Jawbone

Forget all the Bluetooth headsets you can lay your hands on. The workmanship, ergonomics and the functionality of the Aliph Jawbone is unmatched. This chrome-plated headset, designed to fit smugly behind your ear, weighs only 10g. But it’s not just the looks that define the Jawbone. A superior signal processor cancels all ambient noise, ensuring that crystal clear conversation, or music, is all that you hear.

Rs6,000 (approx.)

This multi-purpose tool eats Swiss knives for breakfast. Or at least that’s how it looks. It’s 4 inches and just above a 100g, but don’t be fooled by the size. Built of stainless steel and carbon fibre, the Skeletool has a blade, needle-nose pliers, wire cutters, bottle opener, carabiner clip and two sets of screwdrivers that can pass through materials belligerent enough to stand in its way. A must give if your friend is a hiking enthusiast.

3. Apple iPod Nano

A reworked (and much improved) user-interface, a re-jigged screen, and re-engineered to incorporate an accelerometer, the fourth generation iPod Nano is a pocketful of audio-video bliss. While the 8GB can pack in 2,000 songs or 8 hours of video, the 16GB comes with double the capacity. And then, you can choose from a range of colours—silver, blue, green, pink and more.

Rs8,200 (8GB )

Rs10,500 (16GB)

4. XM-I Xmini

Small is beautiful, and loud. This 50g external capsule speaker can hook into any 3.5mm audio jack (from laptops to phones), and features built-in rechargeable batteries, a retractable charging cable-USB plug, and a two-step volume control. It deploys patented expandable vacuum bass technology to simulate the resonance of a subwoofer and a full sound?spectrum at 2.4?watts. Available in black and red.

Rs2,400 (twin pack)

5. USB Multi-Cellular Charger

This is one cellphone charger that accommodates any brand. Well, most of them. A single blob of plastic, it can sprout as many as eight different connectors for charging Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Siemens, HTC, Dopod mobiles and even MP3, MP4 devices. The multi-cellular charger gives 5.5V/200mA output and weighs just 21g.


6. Freecom Toughdrive

A must-have for sharp shooting shutterbugs and roving road warriors. The durable, soft silicon exterior cover of the Freecom ToughDrive cushions impacts and jerks. This 2.5-inch ruggedized hard disk features an internal anti-shock mechanism to protect stored data. The fanless design ensures noiseless functioning. It has a built-in USB 2.0 cable, and comes in 160-320GB sizes. It’s both PC and Mac compatible.

€89 onwards

7. iTrip

Connecting an iPod to a music system usually involves wrestling with wires, understanding annoying details of your music system, and being patient. The iTrip reduces all this to the flick of a switch: It fits under your iPod and transmits all the stored music on an unused FM frequency. Turn on your music system, tune into the frequency, and you can hear your stored music through the speakers.


8. Garmin GPS Watch

With the Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS watch, you will never lose your way. It lets you know if you are headed in the right direction, all the while updating you on your speed, distance covered, calories burnt and heart rate. The GPS receiver also stores data so that you can trace the route you’ve taken, mark waypoints and seek specific coordinates.

Rs6,500 (approx.)

9. Wind-up Mobile charger

Mobile phones have an annoying tendency to die just when you need them the most. And trying to find an electricity port somewhere nearby is not always easy. Try the Wind-up Mobile Charger. It connects to your phone and charges it from your mechanical energy. Crank the handle and the device converts your calories burnt into electric charge for your phone. Perfect for people who talk relentlessly on their phones.


10.DXG-569V HD Ultra Compact Camcorder

With a pistol-grip style, this slim and sleek (2.87x2.13x5.2 inch) high definition, low- budget shooter can seize 1,280x720 video at 30fps, snap 5 megapixel stills and sports a 3-inch flip-out pivoting TFT LCD screen. It records H.264 or MOV video formats to standard SD or high capacity SD memory cards.


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