The weekend at the movies

The weekend at the movies

Jhootha hi Sahi has released, and so has the first instalment of Ram Gopal Varma’s much-awaited Rakht Charitra. Here are some reel options for this weekend.


Jhootha hi Sahi (

Abbas Tyrewala, the director of Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Naa, casts his wife Pakhi in the role of a beautiful but suicidal woman whose life takes a turn for the better when she calls up a nerdy John Abraham by mistake. But this particular love story is built on a foundation of lies for, in order to impress Pakhi, he lies ceaselessly.

Rakta Charitra (

A lot of water has flown under the bridge since Ram Gopal Varma first announced his plans to make a film on the life of Paritala Ravi, one of the most feared men in the history of south Indian politics. The director has dubbed it a completely fictionalized narrative full of violence, at one point describing it as the most violent film in Hindi cinema ever. With his old favourite Vivek Oberoi in the lead, it remains to be seen whether Varma can recreate the magic of Company.

Dus Tola (

Manoj Bajpai essays the role of a good-hearted, small town goldsmith who is in love with his neighbour’s daughter. His father has grandiose plans for her—and the goldsmith doesn’t feature anywhere in them. In this light-hearted story, the director attempts to paint a quaint portrait of small-town life.



Amelie (

5pm, World Movies

From the director of the admirable Delicatessen comes this story of a girl’s search for happiness through small deeds that help people all around her. In the process, Amelie meets a variety of people, most of them strangers, and falls in love. A riot of colours, this film is a perennial favourite with the movie-going crowd.

Blood Diamond (

5.10pm, Warner Brothers

This story, about a priceless diamond and the struggle to acquire it, weaves different strands of the African situation—the politics, the bloodshed, revolution, civil war and intrigue—into the more individual narratives of love, hope and one man’s efforts to come to terms with a tortuous past.

3 Idiots (

8pm, Set Max

One of the highest grossing films in the history of Indian cinema, the film has Aamir Khan in the role of a maverick college-goer who wins hearts and makes enemies with his irreverent ways of learning and doing. Throw in a bunch of students not quite adept at rote-learning and a beautiful Kareena Kapoor and you have the perfect Indian entertainer.


Striker (

12.30pm, Sahara One

Set in one of Mumbai’s slums, this film sees Siddharth portraying a common man, with a penchant for carrom, who wants to rise in life but falls into the trap of the local goon who lords over the slum. On the way, our hero loses out on a lot, be it love or friendship.

To Die For (

5pm, World Movies

One of Gus Van Sant’s less heralded films, it sees Nicole Kidman play the role of a woman who would not let anything come in the way of her becoming a newscaster on television; not even her husband, whom she conspires to kill, and does. A study of obsessive mania and the influence of television, this is an interesting watch.

Irreversible (

7pm, World Movies

Gaspar Noe’s reverse chronological treatment of one event in the lives of four people and how things fall apart in an instant. The film is full of camera innovations and psychedelic and macabre lighting complemented by a gripping narrative.



The Kid (

3pm, Epicentre, Gurgaon

This early Chaplin classic sees him adopting an abandoned baby who grows up to be his partner in crime. Soon, society, in the form of welfare services intervenes, and takes the kid away. What follows is a frantic search by Chaplin that ends with an emotionally charged climax.

Robin Hood (

1pm, Epicentre, Gurgaon

Being shown as part of a Diwali package for children, this is an early cinematic rendition of the legend of Robin Hood, the Saxon who led a guerrilla army against the Norman lords. The film is directed by Michael Curtiz of Casablanca fame and stars Errol Flynn.

Spirited Away (

10am, India International Centre

Hayao Miyazaki, a master of the animation genre, effortlessly weaves narratives that reach out to both adults and children. Spirited Away is classic Miyazaki, and one of his most loved films.

On a day out with her parents, a little girl takes a path through the woods that leads her to a magical kingdom full of monsters and strange creatures. She has numerous adventures as she tries to return home.

Les Egares (

9pm, India International Centre

This tale, teeming with passion, depicts the travails of a widowed schoolteacher and her two children who are forced to flee Nazi-occupied Paris. Their best chance of survival comes through a teenaged boy who leads them into the forest.


The Adventures of Goopy and Bagha (

2pm, India International Centre

Satyajit Ray’s beautiful fable about music and the adventures of two musicians in a kingdom far from known territory sees them being granted boons by a benevolent spirit that endows them with new abilities. This classic is one of Ray’s most loved films.

Padre Padrone (

9pm, India International Centre

This Palme d’Or winner depicts the trials of a boy who educates himself despite his father’s brutality and opposition to his ideas. Based on a true story, the film has been directed by the Traviani brothers, Paolo and Vittorio Taviani.