The masters of mobile productivity

Take these devices with you to ensure you stay connected when you're working on the move

Technology might be fun and trendy but it is also a way to do your job better. Most professionals use their gizmos not just to check the latest updates on Facebook (and sometimes not even that, as some organizations do restrict access to social networks) but to keep track of work and, very often, complete assignments on these devices. And as technology progresses, so does the amount of productivity muscle it endows for those who work on the move.

So today, a person who wants to keep working while being mobile has more than just a notebook or a handset to choose from. Here are six devices that will be useful, irrespective of where you are.

One keyboard to rule them all

Logitech multi-device keyboard K480

$49.99 (around 3,000)

So you could start off by typing a document on your iPad, switch to responding to mail on your computer, even round it off by typing out a text message on your phone before switching back to your computer. All it takes is a twirl of a dial on the keyboard. Not the lightest keyboard we have ever seen, but the keys are wonderful, and at a time when so many of us carry multiple devices across different platforms, this is a real weapon for the road warrior who prefers to hear the sound of real keys clicking when typing (the keyboard has not been launched officially in India, but can be ordered from Amazon)!

The phablet for productivity

Samsung Galaxy Note 4


But what marks the Note 4 out as special is its S-Pen stylus, which actually lets you scribble, mark and sketch on that gorgeous display like a regular notepad. Add to this the ability to run apps next to each other and drag content from one to another, and you have a device that is designed to supplant not just your phone and tablet, but also to give your notebook a few sleepless nights.

The multi-mode tablet

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2


It is now powered by an Intel processor, comes with a full HD display, expandable memory, dual speakers, 3G connectivity and a battery life that is almost one and a half times that of the iPad. All this in an eye-catching design. There are Windows avatars of the Yoga tablet too, including one which has a projector, but in our books, it is the Android tablets that really work best because of their app muscle and speed. You can do everything on this, from reading books to watching films and editing documents and presentations.

The desktop in your bag

Apple Mac Mini


All you need to do is hook it up to a display and keyboard—yes, you can even connect it to a flat-panel television if you wish—and you are well and truly in work mode. Terrific for those who want a lot of processing power on the move but do not want to empty their purses on a high-end notebook.

The ultra-light ultrabook

Notion Ink Cain 2 in 1


But perhaps the most arresting feature is that the device is enclosed in cloth, which can be folded to make a stand. This makes it eye-catching, lightweight, and unless you get into HD video gaming, it is quite a performer for routine tasks like document editing, spreadsheets, etc. It is one of the most portable two-in-one devices today. And the price is a bonus.

A phone for touch and type

BlackBerry Passport


The device stands out in the current smartphone crowd with its square-ish shape and Qwerty keyboard. And it packs in some fairly powerful hardware too—a Qualcomm Snapdragon quad-core processor, 3 GB RAM, 32 GB storage (expandable to 128 GB) and a surprisingly good 13-MP camera. But what makes it special is its 4.5-inch touch-screen display of a staggering 1,440x1,440 resolution, making it perfect for reading long documents and tweaking horizontally laid-out spreadsheets on the move (you just get to see so much text and so many columns on a single screen).  

Yes, the interface takes some getting used to. But when it comes to good old-fashioned touch and type, this is perhaps the best phone around for those who want to read and write a lot on one.