Review: F&D R30BT speakers

Rare bookshelf speakers that don't burn a hole in the pocket

To get good-quality audio, you don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of money. Affordable bookshelf speakers are a rare breed, and F&D has got the price and performance spot on with the R30BT.



The R30BT consists of bookshelf speakers meant for home-theatre use. The straight, clean lines and use of leather on the exterior give the R30BT a luxurious and expensive look in both the white and black colour options. The detachable grille on each of the two speakers is made of a rather fine fabric. We prefer the speakers with the grille removed, for you can then see both of them in action. There is a fairly long 3m wire to connect the two speakers, which allows the flexibility of placing them quite some distance away from each other—good for wider sound spread in the room and audio separation. The connectivity options include Bluetooth, near-field communication and aux-in.

The sound is what F&D has got absolutely spot on. This 2.0 system set-up means each speaker has a 1-inch silk dome tweeter and a 4-inch woofer. Unlike lower-priced speakers that tend to focus on one thing (treble or bass), the R30BT gives both aspects equal importance, so the sound is much richer.

The R30BT can easily make the windowpanes vibrate, and delivers extremely crisp vocals at the same time. Be it Motley Crue’s Home Sweet Home, Blue’s This Temptation or Morgan Page’s Light Years (featuring Richard Walters), the sheer flexibility of sound is the most pleasant surprise.

It is difficult to pick too many faults with the R30BT. But one thing that could perhaps be improved in the next version is the mid-range reproduction. Yes, that would mean a slight reduction in the top-line bass levels, but the R30BT already has enough bass to allow some sort of headroom for a slight audio-signature tweak.

The R30BT’s powerful sound and heavy bass will appeal to the younger audience. It’s ideal for big rooms, and a good bet for wholesome audio.