News you can use | Cancer drug can treat alzheimer’s

News you can use | Cancer drug can treat alzheimer’s

Scientists have discovered the signs of dementia could be “completely reversed" in less than a month, after their study revealed that a protein, which is already used as a treatment for cancer, can treat Alzheimer’s.

In its study on mice, an international team has found that those bred to suffer with Alzheimer’s regained much of their memory within 20 days of starting treatment. Some saw their symptoms “completely reverse" after getting injections of the protein, known as GM-CSF.

The scientists are excited by the findings because the protein is used currently on patients battling cancer— and it has proven to be safe. This means human trials of the protein in connection with dementia could be carried out quickly, the Daily Express reported.

In fact, in their study, led by University of South Florida, US, the scientists gave the protein, known as Leukine, to two groups of mice—one bred to develop symptoms similar to Alzheimer’s disease; the other, healthy. Another group of mice, both healthy and specially bred, were given a placebo.

They found that mice which were given the protein saw a 50% drop in a substance known to clog brain cells and trigger Alzheimer’s.

However, experts warned that the results, published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, were only on mice— the same effects may not occur in humans.

Simon Ridley of Alzheimer’s Research Trust, UK’s leading dementia research charity, says: “Positive results in mice can be an important first step for any new treatment—and it’s encouraging the team is already planning the crucial next stage of clinical trials in people."