Free Verse | Anand Thakore


after Agha

Shall I hold my tongue, lord, or call tonight?

Contain myself, or start another brawl tonight?

My dead mentor returns. Shall I silence him with words,

Or wrap his image in a shawl tonight?

I am lured by the dark I longed to outgrow.

I long to crawl back into that caul tonight;

And the words of the saints fade like bad dreams.

Their voices will not fill this hall tonight.

Leave me, Lord, leave me alone with my song,

For I shall not be your thrall tonight;

I leave the door open, behind you, when you leave.

I have another guest to enthrall tonight;

Come, my heart, let us be friends again,

And celebrate the ancient fall tonight.

From Elephant Bathing, published by Poetrywala, 77 pages, 150.