Lounge Weekday Exclusive | The Other Side

Lounge Weekday Exclusive | The Other Side

“Break on through to the other side," sang Jim Morrison, and it became one of the great songs of all time. It also inspired this exhibition of fine art photography organized by www.wonderwall.co.in, and curated by Ajay Rajgaria.

“I came up with the name as photography is ‘the other side’ of art—while everyone is looking at painting, I wanted them to see another side of art," says Rajgaria. Inspiration for the photographs come from diverse backgrounds such as everyday life in New York, a fascination with mirrors reflecting reality, and desolate mountain landscapes.

The exhibition features the works of five photographers such as Pradeep Das Gupta, elder brother of Prabuddha Das Gupta, and Leena Kejriwal who has also published a book called Calcutta: Repossessing The City.

A sneak peek at the photographs on display:/Content/Videos/2007-10-04/ss011007.flv768c3b26-7197-11dc-b7f2-000b5dabf636.flv

From 11 to 13 October at the Stainless Gallery in Ishwar Nagar, New Delhi.