The socially enabled résumé

Why and how you must improve your social score before you target that job

We’ll let you in on a secret. If you are looking for a job, we’ll tell you five things that shouldn’t be in your application or résumé.

So, without further ado, here goes: Avoid using the word “innovative" to describe yourself or your work. Seriously, what was the last truly innovative thing you did, other than wipe up your noodles with nachos? Ditto for “passionate". Get real, no one believes that word has any meaning. Stop saying you are “motivated"—what’s new? Everyone applying for the job is motivated. Otherwise, why would they apply? Stop kidding yourself that you have “vision". Some of the biggest companies in the world don’t have it. And, finally, don’t even go near the phrase “have great networking skills" because the human resources (HR) person is about to google the daylights out of you and look up everything you have been up to on social networks. Instead, make sure you demonstrate your networking skills through a classy, riveting, socially savvy résumé.

If you are not certain which words to avoid, here’s a way to cheat: LinkedIn publishes an annual list of the most frequently used words in profiles. Look that up and banish those overused, tired and abused words from your résumé.

Your social presence is your unofficial résumé. According to Bangalore-based Anuradha Sharma, founder of The HR Practice and The Search Practice, those applying for senior positions need to pay more attention to their social presence. The HR Practice is an outsourced HR partner for companies like InMobi, TATA AIG General Insurance Co. Ltd, Cricinfo and redBus. “Companies are keen to know what your peers and clients are saying about you. They don’t want to call up a reference provided by the applicant. Who will believe that reference when the reference can obviously be influenced?" asks Sharma. “Social media has become the mass reference of choice."

Listed here are our top five ways to make your application socially savvy. All the best with that job hunt!

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Arun Katiyar is a content and communication consultant with a focus on technology companies.