Old and new: Sachdev teams vintage fashion with modern trends.


Stationery I would like personalized stationery, but I feel I am too young for that just yet Favourite houseware stores Good Earth and Varya Favourite discovery Chogm House, Goa Home New Delhi Bed linen Needs to be clean! Favourite artist Subodh Gupta Pets Three dogs Favourite flowers Violets Can’t-do-without gadget BlackBerry


Luxurious indulgence Purchasing art Favourite coffee spot Amici Café, New Delhi Favourite restaurant Chez Janou, Paris Favourite neighbourhood restaurant Sagar, New Delhi Favourite cocktail Espresso martini Favourite dessert Chocolate cake Fashionable hobbies Collecting vintage jewellery and clothes Book on your bedside table Here be Yaks by Manosi Lahiri Most stylish film The English Patient Favourite food South Indian Favourite drink Water Workout regime Run for 45 minutes, thrice a week Diet secret A balanced, healthy diet

As told to Madhur Bharwani/Vogue India

Column courtesy: Vogue