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Before you ask me the secrets to weight loss, let me say it really is as simple as “be happy". Be comfortable with who you are. Until you do that, the weight is not going to budge. It all starts in your mind. It is simpler than willpower. It is saying

“I have willpower" and easing out disbelief and impatience.

I was an obese teenager, weighing 93kg. One day, someone passed a few nasty comments that hurt me. A switch flipped in my head and it made me who I am today. Of course, I overdid it at first. I became osteoporotic at the age of 20. I was too young to know the right way, and I took a few wrong turns, but I found the balance one needs to achieve a state of fitness.

Many diet and workout without clarity on what they are doing. Everyone goes through trauma; some respond by eating for comfort, and put on weight. I lost my father and my 10-year-old nephew to cancer back-to-back. Weight often corresponds to emotional stress. You accumulate it. You cannot resolve one without resolving the other. A state of low energy attracts more low energy. Hormones go for a toss. It’s not just a mental block, it is that you operate on a different mental frequency. When you sink into disbelief, you attract what reiterates it. You need to resolve for it to dissolve. You can’t let go of the weight till you understand life.

If you need to lose 10kg, you need to first have a mental image of what you will look like at that weight. Only then will you be able to manifest it. Mental clarity on where you are going is crucial.

Clarity of vision manifests your reality. Why? Because currently your energy is randomly running helter-skelter between 10 different things. Because you have not picked a goal so real that you can see it shape up. Pick a goal, believe you can achieve it, channel your energy into it and watch it manifest.

Here are five ways to manifest your right weight:

1. Wake up with an attitude of gratitude: Say thank you to everything in your life. It helps you maintain the right state of mind.

2. Learn to be happy: There is never a reason for happiness. Don’t look for one. Laugh out loud, people may think you are nuts, but let them. In a minute you will find yourself laughing for real. Observe your entire body chemistry change in minutes.

3. Tell yourself what you want: Find five goals and articulate them. You can’t manifest it when you don’t know what it is.

4. Wake up early and go to bed early. It maintains balance.

5. Do a simple 5-minute meditation. In the car, on your morning commute. Joy can be harnessed anywhere.

Vrinda Mehta is fitness trainer to actors Amitabh and Jaya Bachchan, Kajol and Karan Johar. She recently opened her fitness studio Vibrations: The Wellness Zone in Bandra, Mumbai. Her sessions cost between 4,000-6,000, depending on the programme.

As told to Gayatri Jayaraman.

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