What happened to the iPad killers?

What happened to the iPad killers?

The 2010 launch of the iPad led to a lot of companies announcing similar products, and some of the most anticipated ones were featured in many lists as iPad killers. New and old companies, such as JooJoo and Hewlett-Packard (HP), didn’t arouse enough interest and many of these hyped devices ended up being disasters.

The quick launch of the iPad 2 affected the plans of quite a few companies and led to delays in entering the market as people tried to match the new device, leading, in many cases, to bloated features and overly optimistic pricing.

Some Android tablets, like the Acer Iconia and the Samsung Galaxy Tab, were reasonably successful, while the Nook Colour was an unexpected hit. Others didn’t fare quite as well though.

Here are nine tablets that failed to live up to the hype:

Archos 7

Notion Ink Adam

Asus Eee Pad

RIM PlayBook

MSI WindPad 110W

MSI WindPad 110W

Cisco Cius

HP TouchPad

Fusion Garage JooJoo

Dell Streak


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