Vibrant: Zainali and Azra Jetha’s design.

He adds that each of the four winning designs was strong in its own right and was thought to be commercially viable, which is why they were chosen.

Duncan Viegas, a Goa-based tattoo artist, sketched a composition featuring a knife-wielding, gas mask-sporting bee, while Webchutney copywriter Girija Naiksatam’s design throws attitude straight at you with the words “Quit stampin’ on my face" scribbled across. Siblings Zainali and Azra Jetha featured a vibrant avian theme with a hip hop angle. Vandhana Rajan Swamy, a Mumbai-based writer, says her winning entry was derived from an earlier work created for a friend. These four designs are now available as a limited edition in Puma stores around the country, for Rs1,499 each.

Also, all Puma stores started a sale on Friday, offering discounts of up to 50%. Feel free to indulge.