The title of the new exhibition opening today at New Delhi’s Nature Morte gallery, Land Of No Horizon, suggests an endless vista—which could be a terrifying and intensely liberating prospect at once. And the four artists participating in the show seem to aim at inducing this precise combination of unease and excitement.

Each of them has curated independent projects, borne out of individual concerns and artistic practices, but also keeping in mind an overall synergy among all the works. All four artists—Rathin Barman, Adip Dutta, Sanchayan Ghosh and Prabhakar Pachpute—have worked extensively with the Kolkata-based Experimenter gallery, known for promoting young conceptual artists (Experimenter is co-presenting the show at Nature Morte). Engaging with their art requires a commitment that is as much cerebral as it is visual.

Ghosh, for instance, creates an installation using sound, diagrams and words that may not yield its inner mysteries even to the most patient viewer.

A sculpture by Adip Dutta
A sculpture by Adip Dutta

Using charcoal, Pachpute magically evokes scenes of decay and impending doom, while also alluding to well-known traditions of political art, especially those that draw on the imagery seen on posters and banners which have been used in Marxist revolutions across the globe.

Dutta, one of the most imaginative if underrated artists of his generation, returns to his abiding interest in archiving modes of memorializing. His faux marmoreal sculptures, actually made of white cement, of objects of daily use are not only exquisite but also poignant reminders of the way things were, full of a gentle lament for a time that was.

The muted elegance of his work is deftly complimented by Barman’s minimalist sensibility. By far the most promising of the four, Barman uses an assortment of wooden shapes to come up with a medley of furniture—chairs, tables, shelves, frames—to deepen the poetics of everyday space: making the landscape that surrounds us for much of our waking moments eerie and unfamiliar.

Land Of No Horizon is on till 24 May, 10am-6pm (Sundays closed), at Nature Morte, A1, Neeti Bagh, New Delhi (41740215).