Race across Asia, worm a confession out of a ruthless killer, indulge in teen subterfuge, revive the dead, and fall in love—all in the span of a week. The hottest shows on American TV are out, and they promise a little something for everyone.

Strutting their stuff: The cast of Knights of Prosperity in a police line-up; Donal Logue third from right.

Pleasing everybody is never easy, but Zee Café is determined to get it right. “We want to reach out to the ‘plug-in’ generation which gets illegitimate downloads. They want the latest shows and we are happy to indulge them," says Neil Chakravarti, business head for Zee Café. Star World is neck and neck with Zee as it tries to capture audiences with new shows such as Eureka (a season late) and The Closer (three seasons late). “We never choose our shows by ratings but rather what would appeal to our audiences," says Prem Kamath, vice-president of marketing and communications, Star India. AXN, on the other hand, is very clear on its views. “Our objective is not to bring the latest, but to focus on high quality TV," says Ricky Ow, general manager of SPE Networks.

The channel that gets it right will stay ahead, so showing the latest might not be such a bad idea. English-language channels battle it out and the only sure-fire winner is the audience. We bring you the hottest shows this season:

The Knights of Prosperity

Robbing Mick Jagger is this janitor’s (Donal Logue as Eugene) dream. He not only dreams it, he decides to do it. So, with a crew of blue-collar friends, Eugene starts planning the robbery. Well, a lot happens, but to break a little of the suspense, let’s just say that this is not the only robbery they plan. They fumble, make mistakes, feel bad, and do everything possible to make this show a riot.

Star World

Thursday, 8pm

The Closer

Kyra Sedgwick plays a tough and sassy deputy police chief, Brenda Leigh Johnson, in this high profile homicide investigation thriller. One might be tempted to dismiss this as just another police drama, but Sedgwick definitely deserves better. Her wardrobe, smooth way of getting confessions and determination to get to the truth almost make you want to get into the police force—until you realize you are in India.

Star World

Sunday, 10pm

The Big Bang Theory

A couple of geniuses and a blonde. The good part is that the nerds are adorable in the way they awkwardly fumble in front of hot women. Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and Sheldon (Jim Parsons) have all the stereotypical symptoms of geniuses—allergies, love of Star Wars, and a combined IQ of 360. Rajeesh Koothrappali, another genius, is the Indian connection; he is so shy he can’t even talk to a girl. Your reason to tune in? Watching folks fumble through love is always a good way to feel better.

Zee Café

Thursday, 9pm


No, it is not about a scientist running naked in the streets. Eureka is a sci-fi series based in a secret town that houses the best thinkers in the US. The story begins when a US marshall, Jack Carter (Colin Ferguson), moves into this closeted town with his rebellious daughter Zoe (Jordan Hinson). A hidden artefact provides the required intrigue and keeps audiences hooked.

Star World

Wednesday, 8pm

Top Chef

Chopping, whisking, grinding and mincing is what this reality show is all about. Twelve chefs will cook their way to the top, and through it all, you get to see their tantrums and tarts. But this show isn’t just about histrionics; it intends to find and bring to light a top culinary talent. Besides, great food and someone else making it, what else can you ask for?


Wednesday, 10pm


These shows are scheduled to release in the next few months

Aliens in America

Pakistani teenager Raja Musharaff (Adhir Kalyan) is a foreign exchange student in shy boy Justin Tolchuk’s (Dan Byrd) house. Watch as he adapts to the strange new world and the strange new world adapts to him.

Zee Café,

Yet to be announced

Pushing Daisies

A single touch, and voila! A dead person comes to life. In this quirky comedy, Ned (Lee Pace) is a pie-maker who can revive the dead only to kill them again—he has 60 seconds before someone else close by dies.

Zee Café

Yet to be announced


Glenn Close (as Patty Hewes), a ruthless but brilliant lawyer, sets the courtroom ablaze. The storyline is a classic—oppressed workers fighting a big corporation for justice.




A set of newly single friends learn how to date in their 30s. They loved their married lives but now are in the wild no-holds barred world of second-round dating.

Zee Café

Yet to be announced