Timex IQ+ Move
Timex IQ+ Move

Review: Timex IQ+ Move

The IQ+ Move, the successor to the Metropolitan+, focuses on fitness tracking

Watchmaker Timex has persisted with the conventional round-dial design for the IQ+ Move (Rs9,995), the successor to the Metropolitan+. The focus is on fitness tracking. At 13mm, this isn’t the thinnest, but it sits lightly on the wrist. It has a 41mm dial, and an understated yet youthful personality. It is water-resistant up to 50m—it can be worn in the shower or torrential rain, without any worries. 

The only giveaway that this rather conventional-looking watch is a fitness-centric smartwatch, is the dial on the watch-face marked “Activity"—this shows how much closer you are to the daily activity goal. The IQ+ Move will track your activity, including steps walked, distance covered and calories burnt. You will need to pair the watch with your smartphone (Timex Connected; free on Android and iOS). We compared the data with the Fitbit Blaze fitness watch (Rs16,990; Amazon.in), and the IQ+ Move was well within range in terms of accuracy. 

The IQ+ Move has a traditional watch battery and doesn’t need to be charged every day. In fact, the battery can last months—unlike regular smartwatches. 

The IQ+ Move automatically tracks sleep, but sometimes didn’t log any data. 

The app is not in the same league as the Fitbit app. It gets the job done, though we noticed that sync sometimes didn’t happen automatically. A firmware update erased all the tracking data saved on the watch. 

These are some of the very annoying shortcomings.