Magnum comes to India

Magnum comes to India

The Tasveer photo gallery, in association with Magnum Photos, the renowned photo cooperative, is bringing the show At the Movies—Magnum ke Tasveer to India. The show features photographs of Hollywood stars taken by legendary photographers such as Henri Cartier-Bresson and Robert Capa; and the potent combination of famous stars and well-known, talented photographers is obvious in the quality of the black and white photographs. Lounge spoke with Tasveer’s Shalini Gupta about the show. Edited excerpts:

How did the idea originate?

Two years ago we hosted a show by Martine Franck, who is a Magnum photographer. That is where the idea of a show by Magnum photographers in India first arose. The idea of focusing on Hollywood appealed to us.

Click here To see a slideshow of the photographs of the legendary Hollywood stars

Do you think there are buyers for such photographs in India?

I think so. And we have already had a couple of calls by people inquiring about the show. We are hopeful sales will be good. The stars featured are iconic and the photos themselves are iconic too. Prospective buyers would be among those who are interested in Hollywood, Magnum and in photography in general. And, basically, anyone with a good eye.

The Tasveer gallery is now in its fourth year. Do Indian patrons prefer photographs with Indian subjects over those shot overseas?

The number of Indian and foreign photographers who have shown at Tasveer is roughly equal, but many of the foreign photographers have shot Indian scenes and subjects. Indian buyers tend to buy photos with Indian subjects. Black and white photos sell more, those by known photographers sell more, as do those which don’t have people in them.

Why are so many of the photos of Hollywood stars from the 1950s and 1960s? Is it because that was Hollywood’s golden era?

More because many of the photos were taken by the founders of Magnum, such as Robert Capa, Henri Cartier-Bresson, David Seymour, who shot during that period. We wanted to showcase their works.

At the Movies—Magnum ke Tasveer will show from 13-23 August at Art.Motif Gallery, F-213 C, Lado Sarai, New Delhi. For details, log on to