Don’t be misled by the name. These candles are not in any way related to Mumbai’s iconic marketplace. The man behind the brand, David Crawford, says his grand uncle was the city’s first commissioner; it was under him that the original Crawford Market came into being. When Crawford decided to launch his brand of eco-friendly products two years ago, the name was his first choice. Luckily for him, the name was not registered and he got the copyright.

Soothing: Crawford Market candles are more refreshing than paraffin ones.

Beeswax, produced from the beehive of honeybees, is proven to have qualities that purify the air it is burnt in. “In Europe and North America, what’s sold as beeswax candles contain only about 15% of beeswax and the rest is made of paraffin because beeswax is not easily available there," says Crawford, who tied up with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) which work for eco-friendly solutions, including the NGO Under the Mango Tree, to buy beeswax.

Prices range from 200 for a pack of six tealight candles to 650 for one of the largest sizes.

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