A lifestyle bomb has exploded over humble Kurla, and the congested stretch of LBS Marg has no clue what’s hit it. The newly opened Phoenix Market City is an amoeba-shaped 2.1 million sq. ft space with 330 retail brands, six atria, a 40,000 sq. ft open-air courtyard from where you can watch the planes at the airport nearby land, a 78,000 sq. ft supermarket, parking space for 2,500 cars, 16 bowling lanes, an eight-screen multiplex, and an expectation of 100,000 visitors a day. The property itself is 4.1 million sq. ft and also houses a hotel and office space.

A file photo of Phoenix Market City mall

The 50 food and coffee joints are not clumped together in a single food court, but interspersed through the mall. When hubby grumbles and the child gets cranky, there is ample replenishment and seating space at arm’s length. A lot of thought has obviously gone into the planning. Designed by the Singapore-based architectural firm Benoy, a fundamental of the mall is that you stay lonely; even when it’s packed, it’s so big you feel like you’re on your own. There’s ample light and air, pretty green and yellow flower-shaped seating in courtyards, and the stores are loosely zoned by products, gender, age and budgets. So if you’re there for a pair of shoes, Nine West, Charles & Keith and Aldo are sitting next to each other on the upper ground floor, and on the ground level (which is a level below the ground actually), Catwalk and Reliance Footprint, among others.

A file photo of the inside of Phoenix Market City mall

For now, when you step outside this sanitized Xanadu and look at the hill of slums framing the airport and the obvious poverty just outside, you can’t help but squirm a bit.

Phoenix Market City is located on LBS Marg, Kurla, Mumbai. It is open to the public though stores are still opening in a phased manner.