A murder by the river, salmons of Yemen, Nazi Germany and more—five just-out novels worth picking up

In a strange old house called Tanglewreck, a young girl named Silver lives with her ill-tempered aunt, Mrs Rokabye. It’s unknown to Silver that there is a family treasure—a 17th century watch called the Timekeeper, and it holds the key to the frightening events in Tanglewreck, a novel by best-selling author Jeanette Winterson. Timekeeper has the power to stop time and when Silver runs away, trying to protect it, adventures such as time and space travel unfold. Winterson also explores questions about time and space, the quest for eternal youth and the nature of corporate power. An absorbing read even for adults.


By Jeanette Winterson,

Bloomsbury, 416 pages,


Time Travel

Nightrise by Anthony Horowitz, Scholastic, 400pg, Rs296.


By Anthony Horowitz,

Scholastic, 400 pages,


This is Book 3 of Michelle Paver’s Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series—the wild, brooding world of Torak, Renn and the Wolf. An impressive follow-up to the last two, Torak has survived the summer and his adventure in the Seal Islands. He and Wolf are reunited, but it is all too short-lived. One day, in the thick of winter, Torak learns from the White Fox clan that the “Soul-Eaters" have snatched Wolf and are about to sacrifice him. Desperate to rescue him, Torak hatches a perilous plan that he has to execute alone. All the books are thrillers, but Soul Eater has the most number of genuine surprises. Paver excels in describing the daily lives of the clans and their intimate relationship with a beautiful but dangerous natural world.

Soul Eater:

By Michelle Paver,

Orion, 240 pages,


A suburban American mom, Stephanie Meyer had a big fan following among American teenagers before her third book, Eclipse, in her vampire love story series, captivated readers across the world. The story goes: Seattle is ravaged by mysterious killings and a malicious vampire is out for revenge. Bella, the heroine, is forced to choose between her love for Edward (the vampire) and her friendship with Jacob, knowing that her decision could ignite the struggle between the vampire and the werewolf. A racy story of star-crossed passion.


By Stephanie Meyer,

Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, 649 pages,


The fourth book of Garth Nix’s The Hidden Kingdom series, Sir Thursday, chronicles the protagonist Arthur Penhaligon’s adventures from when he is in Class VI of school to Class VIII. Arthur is tricked into joining Sir Thursday’s army as they fight a large group of Nithlings. Arthur must serve as one of the Piper’s children, unable to use his powers as the Heir of the Will. Old characters return, but the action is a little slower here. The satisfaction is in the resolution, the lead-in to Nix’s next book, Lady Friday.

Sir Thursday:

By Garth Nix,

Scholastic, 288 pages,


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