Lounge podcast | Of revolutionaries: artists, mill workers and capitalists

Lounge podcast | Of revolutionaries: artists, mill workers and capitalists

Welcome to the Lounge podcast. This week we have Rahul Bhattacharya, editor, Art & Deal magazine as our guest. Bhattacharya was one of the 20 art world pundits we interviewed for our Lounge cover story this week. In “Five (more) reasons to update your art" we profile artists who’re on a critical and commercial success path: Rohini Devasher, Sandip Pisalkar, Hemali Bhuta, Charmi Gada Shah and Shine Shivan. Bhattacharya evokes the market aspect of the story—how the economic boom and the recession created conditions that favour emerging talent.

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In our regular film and book review segments, Sanjukta Sharma reviews Mahesh Manjrekar’s bilingual film City of Gold and tells us that the film is an inconsistent mish mash of styles and genres. But the weighty issue that it covers—The plight of the erstwhile textile mill workers in Mumbai—still makes it worth a watch.

Next, Chandrahas Choudhury gives us his take on The Relentless Revolution by Joyce Appleby. In her book Appleby argues that capitalism is a cultural—rather than a purely economic—phenomenon. She traces its trajectory through European, American, and Asian successes and setbacks, and speaks about its foray into contemporary India and China.

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