Grand Marnier

Country of origin: France, circa 1880

Process: The spirit base is French Noble Cognacs made from grapes from the five finest growing areas in the Cognac region and aged in French oak casks. The flavour is from the essence of tropical oranges from the Caribbean.

Shaken up in: Cosmopolitan, B-52, Side Car, Margaritas and Long Island Iced Tea.

Also stars in: Desserts and chocolates to add orange flavour, as well as in coffee and hot chocolate. Desserts such as the Grand Marnier Soufflé, Crêpes Suzette and variations of Crème Brûlée also call for the liqueur. And some chefs use it in seafood salads.

Perfect serve: As an after-dinner drink; use a snifter glass for the Cent Cinquantenaire (150th anniversary issue) and a rock glass with ice for the Cordon Rouge (the original).

DIY: Grand Marnier Sour


Big bomb: The B-52 shooter contains both the liqueurs.

37.5ml fresh lemon juice

1 tsp sugar syrup

1 splash of pasteurized egg white


Shake vigorously to create some foam and strain over ice into an Old-Fashioned glass and garnish with slice of orange.

On the shelf: Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge, Rs2,679+VAT; Grand Marnier Cuvée du Centenaire, Rs5,000-6,000+VAT and Grand Marnier Cuvée du Cent Cinquantenaire, Rs10,000-12,000+VAT.

Baileys Irish Cream

Country of origin: Ireland, circa 1974

Process: Fed on four special types of grass and allowed to remain outdoors for nine months of the year, 40,000 of Ireland’s happiest cows from chosen farms contribute the cream. In less than 36 hours after the cows have been milked, the cream is mixed with Irish whiskey in a unique process in which the cream is preserved by the whiskey alone. Then it is mixed with cocoa nibs and vanilla pods, caramel and sugar.

Shaken up in: B-52, Car Bomb, Mudslide and a variation of White Russian.

Also stars in: Hot coffee and Baileys is a universally loved combination. It is a popular flavouring for desserts such as cheesecake, mousse, panna cotta, as well as chocolate truffles.

Perfect serve: To best enjoy the liqueur, pour 50ml of Baileys in a tumbler glass containing three cubes of ice and let the ice cool it.

DIY: Baileys Mudslide


50ml Baileys Irish Cream

50ml vodka

50ml chocolate syrup


Drop six cubes of ice in a Hurricane glass. Add all the ingredients, shake and serve with a straw.

On the shelf: Baileys Irish Cream (classic), Rs1,345+VAT.