Payal Pratap’s first store
Payal Pratap’s first store

Review | Payal Pratap, Lodi Colony Main Market, New Delhi

From tunics to sandals, designer Payal Pratap's first store stocks it all

Geometric progression

Payal Pratap has chosen well. For her first flagship store, this designer, who came on to the scene as late as 2010, has converted Shop No.3 at Lodi Colony Market, the erstwhile store which once housed Manish Arora’s creations, into her own space. The highlight of the store, apart from the designer’s chic clothes and accessories, is a serene courtyard at the far end of the shop, with a wall of potted plants and a beautiful bench. She says it “might be a place where children can play while mothers shop". The store, which was supposed to open in April, currently has the WIFW Spring/Summer collection that Pratap showed in October 2012. “I had designed that collection in this way: It was supposed to move from the ramp to the store, but the opening got delayed," says Pratap who walks us through the store ahead of the opening, dressed in black cowl pants and a black top. “This collection is a modern take on Indian wear." By September, a few pieces from the winter collection will be in the store.

Leather bracelets

We loved the rose cross-stitch shift tunics, kedia-style uppers and angarkhas in white and deep mustard. The colour-blocked saris (which start at 19,000) with cross-stitch patterns and contrasting, solid-coloured 2-inch borders with triangle piping detail are splendid, especially when paired on a mannequin with fully-embroidered, sleeveless snug waistcoats in rainbow colours. Unlike other design stores, Pratap styles her mannequins as if they are straight from the ramp. For example, one is with a sari worn with the blouse and waistcoat fitted over the pallu.

A peplum top with an embroidered skirt
A peplum top with an embroidered skirt

Among the limited jewellery pieces, it is hard to ignore the non-pierce earrings, also called the Rock ’n Roll baali or the chand baali (a pair costs 3,750). The crescent-shaped hook (almost the size of the ear) with 3-4-inch long chains with stones can be slipped on behind the earlobe and can be that wow factor that translates a work look to an instant bohemian party look with minimum fuss. In the thick, solid two-layer leather bracelets in earth colours and deep blue, she uses a laser technique for colours like neon pink, orange, etc., to pop out in tiny bursts. Adding this single bracelet, again, can be the statement piece you are looking for on an evening out.

The rectangular bags with geometric embroidery, and leather sling handle ( 4,500) would work well for an evening out or daily use (if you are not the kind who must carry her cupboard on her shoulder).

10.30am-8pm. Shop No.3, Lodi Colony Main Market, New Delhi.