Lounge Review | Condomking.in

Lounge Review | Condomking.in

The first time a friend told me about Condom King, India’s first online condom store, my reaction ranged from amusement to intrigue. Why a website to buy condoms? But then buying condoms has never been comfortable. Strange looks from fellow shoppers or sales personnel, particularly if one is looking for a specific kind, often discourage buyers.

Condomking.in clearly indicates the three brands it offers—Kamasutra, Love Light and Moods—with categories, ranging from delay to flavoured to glow ones. To place an order, one needs to register on the website.

The good stuff

The not-so-good

The delivery takes two-three business days—too long a wait. It has only one kind of female condom, while there are at least six other varieties available in the market. Durex is not available and the only foreign brand available is Love Light, and that too only in the category of glow condoms. Free shipping is available only for orders more than Rs195 per brand.

Talk plastic

Condom packs are available from Rs20-449.