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PLAY AT WORK—poweRBrands

Resource allocation is the operative word in this marketing strategy Facebook game by consumer goods company Reckitt Benckiser. Like most social networking strategy games, ‘poweRBrands’ too creates a personal virtual space for you. You can earn and accumulate points to expand your workspace, add colleagues and visit other offices. The object is to explore the contents of your business email, where you are allocated tasks by superiors and are expected to execute and prioritize your resources to get the maximum output. You are evaluated on your ability to balance your target market, competitors, prices and future prospects.

Even though it is a great change from most other strategy games on the site, product promotions are forced and not part of the game. Why would an executive want to buy French’s Yellow Mustard and Veet hair removal cream while buying furniture for the office with the accumulated points? Also, if your tasks for the day are over, you can’t play the game for the next 24 hours, unlike other games such as ‘Farmville’, which you can play as long as you want.

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Varuni Khosla