Android smartphone and tablet users are spoilt for choice when it comes to first person shooter (FPS) games. Games like Modern Combat 5 and Dead Trigger have showed that FPS games are as handy to play on small screen as well as they are on a gaming console or a PC. The latest addition to the genre, Modern Strike, doesn’t lack in terms of fun or look inferior to Modern Combat 5 by Gameloft or Call of Duty Strike Team by Activision. Developed by a Russian start-up called Game Development, the game allows players to take control of a group of elite commandos entrusted with the task of taking down terrorists hiding in different parts of the world.

Gameplay and graphics

Game controls are pretty much like in Modern Combat 5 for smartphones. What we like are the flexible controls. You can move players at will and toggle through the surroundings using the 360-degree camera. While this makes the game more challenging, it also minimizes the gulf between FPS games on consoles and smartphones.

Though the game has the option of letting you rent a weapon, you don’t have to go for it as long as you are willing to spend some real money through in-app purchases. Buying a new weapon is not expensive. The game uses virtual gold coins as currency and you can get them for anywhere between 25 and 903. You can use these coins to buy weapons, armour, first-aid kits, grenades and helmets. Every article you want to buy is explained with close-up shots of the components. This helps in understating the weapons better.

In spite of the 220MB size after installation, the game looks good and the backdrop believable. The characters look well-developed and the weapons are pretty well-researched.

The interesting bit is that the game allows users to modify the game settings to suit their comfort level, the device’s hardware and language. You can improve the graphics, switch control over your commandos, select between auto shoot and manual shoot. We haven’t seen some of the best FPS games delve this deep into in-game customization. The game supports multi-player formats where you can invite others for a team game, similar to Counter Strike.

The game’s only caveat is that it works online which means you can’t play it in areas with poor mobile network and no Wi-Fi connectivity.

Is it worth downloading?

It has been a while since a good FPS game has shown up on a smartphone. The likes of Overkill and Modern Combat are still the better bets when it comes to graphics and gameplay, but if you are looking for a game that doesn’t take up a lot of storage space yet delivers an equally challenging set of missions, Modern Strike is a must try.

Modern Strike Online

Developed by Game Development Ltd

Price: Free (In-app purchases 25 to 903)

Available on Android

Tested on One Plus One (Qualcomm Snapdragon 801, 3GB RAM, Adreno 330GPU, 64GB storage)