Everyone has heard that last-ditch hair tip at least once—the one about using a light dusting of talcum powder to freshen up tired hair. However, Chennai-based designer Rehane took it to the extreme by liberally dousing her models in Johnson’s Baby Powder. The unmistakable smell wafted as a fine mist of powder enveloped the audience, causing most to scrunch up their faces, and distracting them thoroughly from the clothes.

Another hair offender was Neeta Lulla. The popular Bollywood and bridal designer went all out on fake braids roped around her models’ heads— some were even reminiscent of Princess Leia, with golden braids looped above their ears. A few others had golden and velvet braids wrapped around, turban-style. The otherwise pretty look of smoky eyes with gold glitter was completely overshadowed by the hairy story.

Tressed up: (from left) At Neeta Lulla, Rehane and Abhi Singh. Photographs courtesy Lakmé Fashion Week

One designer who didn’t get carried away by a tidal wave of hairspray was Kallol Datta, who rocks some beautiful tresses himself.

While his models sported demure ponytails, the clothes told another story. Seams sprouted what the designer describes as hair inserts, which make sense when he explains the reason.

“We did a draped collection the prior season," says Datta, “and used braids as design elements. Using human hair inserts is just a way of taking the material story forward."

Well, when he puts it that way.