Weekday Lounge Exclusive | Show hopping

Weekday Lounge Exclusive | Show hopping

Nine years on

Gallerie Alternatives completes nine years with an exhibition featuring the works of 22 artists. Up on display are paintings, sculptures, drawings, graphic prints and an installation by artists such as Bose Krishnamachari, K. Laxma Goud, Paresh Maity, S.H. Raza, Sakti Burman, Sunil Gawde and others. “Most of the works are from our collection accumulated over nine years and some of them have never been shown before," says Manu Dosaj, owner of the gallery. “For instance, we are exhibiting a sculpture by Prithpal S Sehdave (popularly known as Ladi) after a gap of many years since he was away all this while."

At Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Centre, from 28 November to 30 November; at Gallerie Alternatives, DT Mega Mall, Gurgaon from 1 to15 December

Female gaze

The works of artist Suchi Khanna are on handmade paper treated with a pigment derived from cow dung, which she washes with tea or coffee. “This technique gives the prints a beige-cream hue which produces an antique Indian effect similar to that in Madhubani paintings," says the artist. Her themes emphasize issues related to women’s empowerment. In Elixir of Life, she compares a woman to a matka (a traditional Indian earthen pot). “Just like the matka, the woman’s womb is the progenitor as well as the sustainer." says Khanna.

At Studio Vasant, New Delhi, from 26 November to 2 December 6543be00-9ceb-11dc-8241-000b5dabf636.flv