In a world of eco-anxiety, one where big retail slugs it out with your neighbourhood store, a place where new television channels are born every hour, on the hour can resolutions really be about keeping fit and saving money? So, here are my new resolutions in a new India.

I will say no to big retail (except when I’m drawn magnetically to the Dragon Fruit that tempts me from the shiny aisle). It shouldn’t be too difficult to execute—these days my local grocery store even stocks Tiramisu ice cream, the husband’s favourite.

I will be an eco warrior. When I saw them screening An Inconvenient Truth at the seaside promenade where I go for a walk every weekend, I was finally convinced. Our planet is doomed. I rushed home and switched off the lights from 7.30pm to 8.30pm that day, urged by diligent citizens to save electricity (though I did listen to Uriah Heep in the dark). So, here’s my plan—more walks and more train rides to work; buy locally grown foods (except stray items such as that Dragon Fruit and Tiramisu ice cream); use only energy saving bulbs; and enjoy candlelight dinners with the husband.

When the Scorpions came: I first heard them in college, but I’m ‘still loving them’.

I will pick live music over live TV.  It’s so much easier to go home after work and plonk yourself in front of the telly than to book tickets, make a plan and battle your way through dug up streets for someone who turned you on in your college days. But I’ve had enough of shrill anchors, Narendra Modi debates and dancing celebrities. I went for the Scorpions concert last weekend (yes, one friend said he didn’t even listen to them in the 1980s when they were cool). Next pit stop: Iron Maiden on 1 February in Mumbai.

This is a big one for me. I will not watch any more Yash Raj films on the first Friday. But why am I discriminating? I will not watch any Hindi movies on the weekend they release.If you calculate my weekly average, I saw at least 52 Hindi films in 2007. The only ones that really truly worked for me were the first half of Manorama Six Feet Under and Khoya Khoya Chand; a few stray sequences of Johnny Gaddaar, Om Shanti Om and Chak De! India; and the cinematography of Blue Umbrella. So, from now on, I will wait until everyone has seen the films, then decide whether they’re worth three hours of my life. Meanwhile, I’ll watch foreign films. Do see The Lives of Others.

I shall be a value investor. That’s the only way to justify why I can’t stop buying Infosys Technologies even when all the learned analysts predict that the dollar will only weaken further.

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