For three days, The Club in Mumbai will be transformed into a one-stop shop for furniture and accessories. Shobhna Mehta and Lata Valia, the sisters behind Essentials, a furniture design company, created Zayin five years ago as a chance for young designers to display their latest work. It was such a success, they’ve been hosting the show every year since. “It’s like a fashion boutique where all the designers come together under one roof." Valia says.

On the first day, invitees will be restricted to architects, interior designers and clients; the show will be open to the public on the following two days. Shoppers can purchase the pieces they see, which will be delivered after the show’s completion, but Valia sees it more as an opportunity for designers to display their work in an intimate setting.

Design from Masterpieces by Renu Gupta and Natasha Dalmiya

The exhibition will be held at The Club because it offers a huge, well-lit space. There will be no dividers between exhibitions. All the work will be shown in one large, open space.

Along with Khatwani, Valia and Shobhna Mehta, the exhibitors will include Ajit and Pratima Vaid, Kavita Uppal, Khyati Patel, Renu Gupta, Natasha Dalmiya, Saijal Goenka, Suchitra Ayappa, Suni and Merlyn Gomes, and Kunal Mehta. This year, the event will also host an art exhibition, curated by Kanchi Mehta.

Valia says that she and her sister chose co-exhibitors by seeing their products first.

“We want very highly talented, innovative ideas, nothing copied, absolutely creative."

The show has no theme and the designers can work in whatever range of styles they choose to. Some designers stick with minimalist styles, others have begun to work along more classic lines.

This time, Valia is concentrating on chairs. “I’m going with 12 different varieties. Some are ethic, some are gothic, some are silver. It’s a whole exploration."

Khatwani’s 2007 collection, about 18 large pieces and 20 accessories, will concentrate on the living room. “It’s classic and modern fusion. I’ve used a lot of mirror, crystals and solid wood."

Saijal Goenka, a three-year veteran of the show, will also be using a lot of mirror and crystal work in her furniture. “The base is all wood, accessorized with Tiffany glass and Swarovski crystals." She participates in the show because it’s exclusive in the sense that they have only furniture, and the work is very original. “It’s not like anything that comes from Spain or Italy or the Middle East. This is all work that’s been designed and created here. It’s really original furniture."

Zayin ‘Furniture Innovations Under One Roof’ will be on display at The Club, Andheri West, Mumbai, from 16 to 18 October. The furniture pieces range from around Rs5,000 to Rs1 lakh