Cooking with Lounge | Super salad

Cooking with Lounge | Super salad

Beans about you

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100g green beans, julienned and blanched

100g bamboo-shoot, cut into matchstick size and boiled

100g rocket leaves

For the dressing

2 tbsp tahina paste

2 tbsp sesame oil

1 tbsp thai sweet chilli sauce

K tbsp minced garlic (slightly roast the paste)

1 tbsp coriander leaves, torn

1 tbsp peanuts, finely crushed

K tbsp tamarind paste

K tbsp poppy seeds, roasted

Salt and pepper to season


Mix all the ingredients for the dressing together in a clean bowl. Add the bamboo shoots and green beans and toss them well in the dressing. Season with salt and pepper. Place a portion of the salad on the centre a the plate and top it with rocket leaves,. Drizzle with leftover dressing.

A meal for two at Café Diva costs 1,500 (taxes extra). For reservations, contact N-8, Greater Kailash-I, N-Block Market, New Delhi (011-41011948).