I am in the process of redoing my pad. I want a space that reflects my personality without compromising on the simplicity and effectiveness of a calm home.

New York’s Hudson Hotel uses geometric design

An effective way I found many years ago, when “simplicity" was a prime criteria, is to go back to geometry. Use bold geometric forms and repetitive elements. Geometric forms will ensure simplicity and their repetition, or sheer “larger size", will ensure impact. It is also believed that the use of geometric form and repetition symbolizes the infinite power of nature and infuses a sense of calm into a space.

Here’s how to get down to making your space striking:

For starters, follow the simple lines of geometry for the main items of furniture. Use simple circles, squares and rectangles— depending on which item you’re focusing on. Avoid too many curves and carving, inlay and intricacies. This alone is sufficient to take care of the simplicity.

In order to avoid a feeling of bulkiness, avoid solid blocks. The easiest example is choosing a cantilevered or platform bed rather than a box bed. If storage is imperative, choose furniture with drawers that are recessed from the front of the dresser. It will add a sense of depth and provide a visual jolt to an otherwise plain piece of furniture.

Now, starting with the layout of your space, adopt a simple mirror image layout of opposite sides. This will bring balance in your space as well. For example, across a larger couch or sofa, place two identical chairs. Do not restrict this repetition to larger items or furniture layout, but imbibe it in the lights and accessories as well. Instead of having one central light above your dining table, have a row of three identical lights. On the console, instead of one case, have three in an identical, bolder colour or form. Use four small mirrors arranged in a square. Try three circular mirrors in a row with identical frames.

In order to avoid oversimplifying your space, think of larger scales. A simple rectangular headboard for a bed can make a greater impact if you stretch it across the span of the bed sides or increase its height way beyond conventional dimensions. Instead of a simple circular mirror, try a full-size mirror in a passageway to make the hall look wider. When selecting accessories, you can exercise the same principle with larger cushion covers or bolder prints on your furnishings.

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