60 Sq ft, 6 days and a bite-sized budget

60 Sq ft, 6 days and a bite-sized budget

Linking Road in Khar, Mumbai, is your usual potpourri of disorderly traffic and past-their-prime buildings. Housed in one of the latter is an empty four-bedroom flat, and in this, is a small office for O’ Yeah Klass Entertainment, an event management company, owned by Roshan Mansukhani.

The office had earlier been decorated in a mix of fluorescent shades that gave the space a bohemian air (photographs below). With a budget “not worth mentioning" and feng-shui principles to be adhered to that necessitated removing all traces of bright colours, designer Rachna Kapoor of Thinking Elements Design Studio resorted to a single dominant colour scheme.

She also rummaged among piles of material lying around in the office, some of which had been relegated to oblivion, and came up with some unusual solutions. “Roshan’s office is easily my most favourite project, I loved doing up this space," she says, and Mansukhani claims that “it’s a whole lot more fun coming to work these days".



What it cost

•Electrical concealing:Rs1,500

Wallpaper plastering: Rs1,000

Tubelight: Rs100

Tailoring charges: Rs500

Silver paint: Rs250

Total cost: Approximately Rs5,000, excluding some materials which were available at the site.



Clear glass panels have been used for both the work table and storage shelves, positioned perpendicular to each other below the window block.

The use of existing materials was imperative, to keep costs low. One of the feng shui remedies recommended to improve inflow of wealth, health and happiness, was to remove all traces of colour from the office.


Kapoor cut and curled the stiff tissue into long strips for window blinds. The silver wallpaper, which had for long been unused, finally came into its own.

Kapoor plastered the wallpaper on the walls and ceiling that previously wore busy shades of varying fluorescent colours over black. (photographs on bottom left).


There’s just about room here for three people, though the space seems larger because of the reflective qualities of the wallpaper and the way both natural and artificial light falls on the surfaces.


Project: Office for O’Yeah Klass Entertainment

Area: 60 sq. ft

Location: Khar, Linking Road, Mumbai

Principal designer: Rachna Kapoor, Thinking Elements Design Studio

Duration of project: Six days

Materials: Walls and ceiling: Silver wallpaper

• Floor:Vinyl tiles

• Soft furnishing:: Stiff tissue strips, cut and curled

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Text by Ambica Sharma

Photographs by Nupur Singal